Customized Graffiti Signs


Yo, check it out! We’ve got something dope for all you street art lovers out there – our Custom 3D Printed Graffiti Signs! Straight outta Victoria, BC, our graffiti artists are bringing their A-game to create personalized designs just for you.

Imagine having your own name or message in 3D printed form, with every detail popping out in two bold colors. These prints are not just art, they’re an attitude – a statement that says you’re not afraid to break the rules and express yourself.

Our 3D printing technology brings each design to life, with every curve and line capturing the essence of street culture. You won’t find anything else like it, and that’s what makes our Custom 3D Printed Graffiti Names so damn cool.

So whether you want to add some street cred to your living room, office, or bedroom, or just wanna flex your style, hit us up and let us bring your graffiti dreams to life. Get yours now and join the crew!

Each print is fully custom and up to 23cm wide. Make sure you tell us the word you’re after in the notes section on the checkout page.