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Objects We 3D Print

Unique Gifts, Concrete Forms, Topographical Maps, Molds, Flower Pots, Vehicle Parts, Computer Parts, Toys, Drones, 3D Models, Store Signage, Lighting, Architectural Models, Electronic Component Housing, Control Panel Boxes, Switch Panels, Decorations, etc

Our Process


To help you realize your vision we like to schedule an initial consultation to gain a clear understanding of your 3D print needs. This helps us identify any unique challenges that may arise and allows us to provide you with an accurate cost estimate for designing, prototyping, and producing your product. This consultation is offered free of charge and is an essential step in ensuring that we can bring your idea to life to the highest standard.



After establishing a definitive plan for your project, we move into the prototyping phase. This crucial stage allows us to verify that your print matches your precise specifications and can perform to your satisfaction in its intended application. Throughout this phase, we may experiment with diverse designs, materials, printing sizes, and speeds to guarantee optimal outcomes. Our objective is to produce a final product that is not only functional but also meets your expectations in terms of aesthetics and quality.

Step 3 - 3D PRINT

Our ultimate objective is to transform your vision into reality. Drawing on insights gleaned from the initial consultation and prototyping phase, we progress to the production stage. Regardless of the scale of your order, we are committed to delivering the highest quality print possible by paying careful attention to every detail.

We accommodate a wide range of print requests, from small to large-scale projects, and are always eager to discuss how we can assist you in bringing your idea to life. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our services.

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