Anatomically Correct Unicorn Skull


Behold, adventurers! After years of perilous quests and treacherous hunts, we have at last captured the elusive and legendary creature that has captured the imaginations of generations: the mighty unicorn! And now, we offer you the chance to bring home a piece of this incredible beast with our 3D Printed Unicorn Skull.

Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, this stunning replica boasts an anatomically correct design that captures the essence of the mythical creature in all its glory. Each skull is carefully printed in your choice of white, black, or bubble-gum pink PLA, ensuring that it will match any decor or style.

Once printed, the skull is carefully mounted on a wood-colored mounting plate, creating a bold and striking display that is sure to turn heads and spark conversations. At 25cm tall and 12cm wide (10” by 4.5”), it is the perfect size to adorn any wall or shelf.

So whether you are a seasoned collector of mythical artifacts or simply looking for a unique and eye-catching addition to your home, the 3D Printed Unicorn Skull is sure to impress. Don’t miss your chance to bring home a piece of legend today!